Made My Friend’s Cousin My Sex Toy
05-01-2017, 11:57 AM,
Made My Friend’s Cousin My Sex Toy
Hello, sexy boys and girls. Hope you all are doing good and are having good sex life. I am back with my another indiansex story.

To quickly introduce myself, I am Neha from Indore. I have a sexy figure and liked to be teased and enjoyed by sexy hunks. I don’t have a problem in exposing this god’s gifted natural body for the boys to admire. After all, art is to admire. Right?

When I was working in Mumbai, I had a few sexual encounters. One such incident made me find a sex toy for me to use whenever I feel frustrated. I was living in my apartment and my friend used to stay with me for few months before she got transferred to the USA branch.

So, this happened a few years ago when she was staying with me. To introduce about her, her name is Simran and she is from Delhi. She looks beautiful and she had a boyfriend. She lost her virginity with her boyfriend at the age of 25 (what a loser).

She is in a senior position and was in the marketing field. due to this, she used to travel a lot and at times she may need to travel out of Mumbai too. One day, her cousin, Ravi called her and told her that he was coming to Mumbai for an exam.

She informed me about her cousin visiting our place for a couple of weeks and asked me if I had any problem with him staying in the same apartment. I told her that I am fine here and do not have any problem in her cousin staying there. She was pleased and on that day, he came with his heavy luggage.

He introduced himself and was getting settled in her room. As we had two bedroom flat, he had to share the room with his cousin. That evening, Simran and Ravi planned to have dinner outside and invited me too. I joined them.

She was wearing a kurta and jeans. I was wearing a half-skirt and matching tops. at the restaurant, he was sitting opposite to me and Simran was sitting next to me. He was interacting with me nicely and we had our food.

The table was made of glass and so anyone could see clearly what is under this table. I just crossed my legs and a portion of my thighs are visible. He was staring my legs and thighs through the glass table.

I noticed this and made my thighs move forward so that he could get a clear view. Simran was busy on her phone and so did not notice what was going on. She was not receiving proper signal and so she went out to have a clear conversation over her phone. He was still staring at my thighs.

Me: Stop staring at my legs man. Seems you are going to eat them.
R: uh… oh… No… I was actually… I was actually looking at the table’s design.
Me: Stop acting. I know where your eyes were.
R: Sorry. I was just…
Me: Don’t worry. It is natural. I will give you a good show tomorrow when your sister leaves the town.

He was shocked as I told him this out of nowhere. It took him a complete minute to realize that I actually said it. Before he could react, Simran came finishing her conversation.

S: So Ravi, I am going to Pune tomorrow and would be staying there for a couple fo days. I will give you some money.Just prepare for exams and do well. If you need more money ask Neha and I will return her later. Is it okay Neha?
Me: No problem baby.

Soon, we had dinner and went home after that. She was packing her bags that night and was lecturing her cousin about how to behave as he is going to be alone with a girl for two days and should not trust anyone in Mumbai blah blah blah. Next morning, she left. I woke up late and went to the kitchen to have a cup of green tea. Ravi was in the kitchen making breakfast.

Me: Do you cook?
R: Of course. I am a good cook. I am making breakfast for both of us.
Me: That’s so sweet but you don’t have to.
R: Strict orders from Simran that I should cook for both till she returns and should not disturb you.
Me: So sweet of her too.

I took my green tea and was sipping it. After a while, he gave me breakfast and it was really delicious. I went to my room after finishing it. After an hour, he came to my room.

R: Last night you were saying that you will give me a good show.
Me: Gosh. And Simran thinks you are too innocent. But you are smart. Aren’t you?

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05-01-2017, 11:57 AM,
RE: Made My Friend’s Cousin My Sex Toy
He blushed for a while and was waiting.
Me: I will just show you once and you should leave at once to prepare your exams.
R: Okay. Deal.

I was wearing my night pants and a blue t-shirt. I took off my pants and showed my thighs and legs. I also kept my legs spread to show my pussy part. But I was wearing a black panty.

Me: That’s all. The show is over. Now go and study.
R: How about without panty?
Me: No way. Go.
R: Please. Please. Please.
Me: What would I get if I stand nude in front of you?
R: I will stand nude too.
Me: You go first.

He took off his shorts and his t-shirt.
Me: You don’t understand what is nude?

He took off his boxer and was standing completely naked. His cock raised himself and was also getting ready to watch me nude. His cock was really cute and sexy in its own way. I grabbed his cock and was rubbing gently with my hand. He was getting horny and I could hear his heartbeat.

His cock was bit shivering as he was aroused and couldn’t believe that I was actually rubbing his cock. I started to stroke his cock slowly and was giving him a naughty smile.

R: It is not fair. You are still dressed.

I took off my t-shirt and bra. He grabbed my boobs and was kissing it.

Soon, he began to bite my nipples and was going wild. He voluntarily took off my panty and started to finger my pussy.

He started by rubbing my pussy for a while and later he inserted his finger inside. He increased the speed and was finger fucking me.

Meanwhile, he was kissing and sucking my neck. By this time, I got horny. He wanted his cock in my pussy. I told him that I ‘ll let him do only for a minute and he could do the rest in my ass.

He agreed and inserted his hard tool in my pussy. He was going crazy and so after a few oscillations, I took out his cock and showed him my ass.

He inserted his cock in my ass and started to fuck hard as he was at the peak of his mood. As I have already warned him, he went to the washroom and came there.

Then, we washed and came out together. I told him that he was not the best I had but I like to fuck him very often.He proposed me that he will be a sex slave and satisfy me whenever I need. I told him that, I won’t treat you as a slave. I will keep you as my sex toy. We had many encounters even after he left to his home town he would visit me secretly whenever I call him for sex.

So, for these couple of days, he was sleeping with me in my bed and of course, both were sleeping naked. I will come back with more encounters soon. Please comment your feedback here or send

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