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I'm here with the FITNESS QUEEN who has it all, but has chosen professional wrestling for her opportunity to prove to the world she will be famous for other reasons.


Yes tonight, I make my debut here on EWF WRESTLING FEDERATION it is just a shame I will have to end someone else career in doing so, but enjoy firing incompetent people & tonight Zeus you will be begging me to end your suffering.


Now MICHELLE LEWIN, Zeus is a human wrecking machine he thrives on dishing out pain & he is as strong as iron.


My trainers will testify under oath, that I should be registered as a lethal woman, so dangerous have I discovered are my legs & arms. Zeus you made a big mistake making fun of me on A LIVE TELEVISION show.


MICHELLE think about the damage he can cause your billion dollar body.


Don't you mean the billion dollar body worth of damage I can cause Zeus. Zeus you will be my stepping stone to becoming future champion & then everyone will see I can make it on my own.


You appear to be a determined woman, but can you take on Zeus.


Not only do I want this match, but it will also be a cage match so that big bad Zeus has no way of escaping me beating him & he can beg & cry for mercy it will only mean i will dish out even more retribution so future opponents know when you face me, you face hurt & chances of being hospitalized.

There you have it, coming up after our commercial break, Michelle LEWIN vs Zeus in a cage match.



Introducing first making her wrestling debut


Introducing her opponent

inside a steel cage match, winner determined by pin fall or submission.


Michelle LEWIN in a exciting outfit faces the big bad Zeus as they move about the ring inside this steel cage that tonight thus far has proven to be a major downfall for the superstars against the divas. Zeus is a cage match specialized & knows this is his domain. Michelle LEWIN ( with her back to the top right of screen corner ) locks up in a grapple to Zeus ( who has his back to the bottom left of screen ) as Michelle LEWIN POWER PRESS MILITARY SLAMS Zeus to the canvass, as he gets up in total shock. Michelle LEWIN takes her sun glasses off & now Michelle LEWIN ( starting point left of screen against the ropes ) nails Zeus with RUNNING CLOTHES LINES as he was in the middle of the ring. Michelle LEWIN rocks him, but Zeus remains standing, but Michelle LEWIN scopes up Zeus & holds him up in the air ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five seconds ) to BODY SLAM Zeus to the canvass as he crawls to the ropes ( right of screen ) . Zeus uses the ropes to pull himself as Michelle LEWIN with hands on hips in the middle of the ring looks on, as Zeus gets up to turn around & Michelle LEWIN motions with her fingers come on try me. Zeus moving about trying to seize up Michelle LEWIN better this time as they lock up in the middle of the ring INDIAN KNUCKLE LOCK as Michelle LEWIN ( with her back to the titantron ) stands her ground & begins to DOUBLE WRIST LOCK Zeus bending his wrists back past his shoulders & sinking him to his knees, as Michelle LEWIN shoves Zeus to the canvass to stand over him.

Michelle LEWIN allows Zeus to get up to which Michelle LEWIN ( with her back to the far side of the ring ) ONE HAND CHOKE LIFTS Zeus who is thrashing about, before Michelle LEWIN ( after .... one, .... two, .... three seconds ) CHOKE SLAMS Zeus to the canvass with a major impact to shake the ring. Michelle LEWIN getting cheered because of who she is, twirls her hair as Zeus struggles to get up he does but it takes him time ( .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five seconds ) & when he finally gets up Michelle LEWIN TORTURE RACKS Zeus ( as she faces the main camera ) as the fans oh & um the way watching this special display by Michelle LEWIN. Michelle LEWIN walks around the ring inside the steel cage parading her opponent in this submission hold ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, ... seven seconds ) &as the referee was about to ask Zeus whether he had enough Michelle LEWIN has climbed to the top turnbuckle pad ( top left of screen ) to TOP ROPE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER Zeus to the canvass to leave him helpless as Michelle LEWIN reverse squat covers his face with her crouch as she sexily pin Zeus who hasn't moved for the pin fall .... one, .... two, ... count, as MICHELLE LEWIN BREAKS THE COUNT.

Michelle LEWIN is up as she discuss seductively with the referee about her reluctance to end this match. Michelle LEWIN  tells the referee " Zeus humiliated ME on national television, now I will humiliate him on the national television". Michelle LEWIN pulls up Zeus who is leaning on her as Michelle LEWIN scopes up Zeus to sling him over her left shoulder to REVERSE BACK BREAK him over her shoulder to torture him with this move as he is too weak to issue a submission or tap out, as Michelle LEWIN maintains this hold ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven seconds ). Michelle LEWIN meanwhile has managed to climb to the top turnbuckle pad with Zeus slang over her shoulder where she sets him up again, this time ( bottom left of screen corner ) where Michelle LEWIN TOP ROPE TOMBSTONES PILEDRIVER Zeus a second time in this match, as the referee pleads to Michelle LEWIN she had enough, Michelle LEWIN walks over to place her sunglasses back on then place a boot on the chest of Zeus as she models for the photos whilst the referee counts .... one, .... two, .... three count, as THIS MACH IS ALL OVER



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