Entertainment wreatling fedration
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Introducing the first team, introducing first


introducing her tag team partner
Introducing their opponents, headed to the ring 


The NINJA GIRLS attack The NEW DAY as they attack them to leave the kofi Kingston and BigE  on the outside, as NATASHA YI & MICHELLE YEE ( side on to the main camera, with MICHELLE back to the titantron & NATASHA with her back to the time keeper )they have DOUBLE WHIPPED XAVIER WOODS to the ropes ( from against the main camera ropes to the far side of the ring ropes ) on his return XAVIER WOODS FLYING DOUBLE JUDO CHOPS NATASHA & MICHELLE  to the faces to upend them both, as the superstars feeding upset victory in the previous match. XAVIER WOODS gets up, as KOFI AND BIGE join in as all three now pummel the divas, but the divas on their feet back to which the fans are into this match. MICHELLE YEE & NATASHA YI have cleared the ring, as NEW DAY simply calm down to regroup & start again with new tactics.

KOFI BIGE & XAVIER still outside regrouping, as The NINJA Girls parade their bodies for the fans to indulge in. NATASHA YI has assumed the role of re-starting things in the ring, as she is joined by XAVIER WOODS who is a major equalizer for his team, as NATASHA YI ( with her back to the top right of screen corner ) locks up to XAVIER WOODS ( who has his back to the main camera ) as XAVIER WOODS RAPID JUDO CHOPS
 NATASHA YI .. once, ... twice, .... third, .... fourth time, as NATASHA YI ( now with her back to the far side of the ring ) KNIFE EDGE CHOPS XAVIER WOODS .. once, .. twice, ... third time, as they now exchange toe to toe KNIFE EDGE CHOPS .. once, ... twice, ... third, .... fourth, .... fifth, ........ sixth time they exchange brutal blows, until XAVIER WOODS ( side on to the main camera, facing the commentators ) ARM DRUG TOSSES
 NATASHA YI to the canvass as they both get up XAVIER WOODS 
RUNNING DOUBLE DROP KICKS the air, as NATASHA YI moves out of the way. NATASHA YI pulls up XAVIER WOODS immediately to SNAP SUPLEX him ( as she has her back to the titantron ), as NATASHA YI pulls up XAVIER WOODS to Whip him to her teams corner ( top left of screen ) & into a RAISED HIGH HEELS to the face of XAVIER WOODS thanks to MICHELLE YEE. MICHELLE YEE her new ring name, as opposed to MICHELLE steps through the ropes to the wolf whistles as she KARATE ROUNDHOUSE COMBO KICKS XAVIER WOODS  trapped in the corner ( top left of screen ) .... once, ............. twice, ............... third, ............ fourth, ................. fifth time, as XAVIER WOODS fires out of the corner delivering ... one, .... two, ... three KNIFE EDGE CHOPS,only for MICHELLE YEE ( with her back to the commentators ) to KARATE HIGH KICKS his face with a sexy follow through. XAVIER WOODS on the canvass rubbing his face. 

MICHELLE YEE pulls up XAVIER WOODS to scope him up & ( after .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four seconds ) MICHELLE YEE ( with her back near the left of screen ropes ) as the feet of XAVIER WOODS  dangle over the rope until MICHELLE YEE RUNNING RIGHT SHOULDER into a POWERSLAM to the canvass XAVIER WOODS, who is placed in a KNEELING KARATE DRAGON SLEEPER HOLD as weakening, as here come KOFI &BIGE to his rescue, but NATASHA YI meets them to SPRINGBOARD into a HANDSTAND DOUBLE KARATE KICK OUT to the faces of the KOFI&BIGE to upend them both with the impact of the blow. NATASHA YI pulls up BIGE to toss him to the outside ( far side of the ring ) & then NATASHA YI tosses KOFI KINGSTON to the outside too literally landing on top of BIGE on the outside ( far side of the ring ). NATASHA YI returns to her designated spot on the apron, as NATASHA YI plays with her hair, whilst XAVIER WOODS managed to JUDO SNAPMARE MICHELLE YEE off him & then quickly XAVIER WOODS groggy, but ( with his back to the top left of screen corner ) managed to LOW DROP KICK MICHELLE YEE to the back of her head sitting up ( as she faced the commentators ).MICHELLE YEE is pulled up by XAVIER WOODS who RUNNING RAMS her face into the top turnbuckle pad ( top right of screen corner ) then XAVIER WOODS RUNNING RAMS MICHELLE YEE face ( from top right of screen corner to bottom right of screen corner ) top turnbuckle pad ( bottom right of screen corner ). 

XAVIER WOODS tags in BIGE who SHOULDER THRUSTS MICHELLE YEE in the corner ( bottom right of screen corner ) .... once, ..... twice, ..... third time, as BIGE tags in KOFI as The NEW DAY ( with there backs to the main camera ) DOUBLE WHIP MICHELLE YEE to the ropes ( far side of the ring ) & on her return The  NEW DAY DOUBLE SIDE BACK ELBOW MICHELLE YEE to her chest area either side of her & upend her to the canvass, as the fans are chanting for the NINJA Girls. KOFI is now left in the ring to pull up MICHELLE YEE to scope her up & KOFI ( with his back to the bottom right of screen corner ) RIGHT SHOULDER BREAKS MICHELLE YEE before he BODY SLAMS her to the canvass. KOFI in control of proceedings for his team, as MICHELLE YEE is pulled up & KOFI KINGSTON ( with his back touching the main camera, near the bottom right of screen corner ) POWERFUL BACK BREAKS MICHELLE YEE & receives a blind tag from BIG E . KOFI & BIGE slowly pull up MICHELLE YEE to DOUBLE SUPLEX her, but MICHELLE YEE ( with her back way to the top left of screen corner DOUBLE BLOCKS & & moments later MICHELLE YEE counters with a exciting DOUBLE SNAP SUPLEX 

The NEW DAY who are shell shocked as they get up & attack MICHELLE YEE her dug deep to perform that move & now they DOUBLE AX HANDLE CLUB away on a kneeling MICHELLE YEE .... once, ..... twice, ...... third, ..... fourth time, as XAVIER WOODS blind tagged off KOFI & XAVIER comes flying off the top turnbuckle pad ( bottom right of screen corner ) until XAVIER WOODS coming off the top turnbuckle had FLYING JUDO CHOPS MICHELLE YEE across the back of her head as she bent over whilst getting to her feet, but no MICHELLE YEE looked up in thew last second & MICHELLE YEE MODIFIED SUPER KICKS XAVIER WOODS with such power it rocks him & sent him crashing against the corner ( bottom right of screen corner ) where XAVIER WOODS luckily is able to be saved with a tag by BIGE, as MICHELLE YEE get up & made her way to tag NATASHA YI  ( far top left of screen corner ).
NATASHA YI attacks BIGE who was the one who tagged in & NATASHA YI RAPID FURY RIGHTS his face as his head rocks back each time ... one, .... two, .... three, ..... four, .... five, .............. six times, as NATASHA then uses BIGE to not only DOUBLE SWINGING FRONT KICK the advancing KOFI KINGSTON to his face, whilst NATASHA YI SPINNING DDT's BIGE to the canvass, having no more usage for him, NATASHA YI gets up to HIP TOSS KOFI then BIGE then NATASHA YI LEAPING DOUBLE SPLIT KICKS The NEW DAY to their faces & deck them both to the canvass. NATASHA YI lands on her feet, as she is incensed by their attack her tag team partner. NATASHA YI pulls up KOFI&BIGE using her sexual appeal to their feet & NATASHA YI DOUBLE SUPLEXS The NEW DAY ( who where near the bottom right of screen corner ) to the canvass, but XAVIER WOODS who again blind tagged as XAVIER WOODS 

 FROGSPLASHS NATASHA YI who was on the canvass & she is winded, as XAVIER WOODS is fired up as he DOUBLE DROP KICKS MICHELLE YEE to her chest as she came to her partners aid, but as Xavier Woods turned around NATASHA YI SUPER KICKS his face showing despite her being winded she is as tough as she is beautiful. NATASHA YI pulls up XAVIER WOODS to set him up to place him on her shoulders & NATASHA YI F 5's Steamboat to cover him .... one, .... two, ... count, as KOFI&BIGE BREAK THE COUNT.

NATASHA YI pulls up XAVIER WOODS to Irish Whip XAVIER WOODS ( from near the bottom right of screen corner to the top left of screen corner ) & XAVIER WOODS jolts out of the corner into the path of NATASHA YI who RUNNING SUPER KICKS XAVIER WOODS to upend him & lay him out cold as she places a sexy boot on his face & MICHELLE YEE DOUBLE SPEARS KOFI&BIGE who are both left on their backs near the corner ( bottom right of screen corner ). NATASHA YI encourages the referee to count .... one, .... two, .... three count, AS THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER & the NINJA GIRLS embrace to show how much this win means to them. 




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