Three Wonderful Ladies In My Life – Part 1
05-03-2017, 09:50 PM,
Three Wonderful Ladies In My Life – Part 1
Hi there,

I’m Appu from Kerala.Though not my real name, it’s my pet name.

I am 19 years old doing my degree in a reputed college in Palakkad.This is my first story on this site.It is not just a hot story, it is a real life incident.This is my real encounter with 3 ladies – a college girl, a teacher and a working woman.

So to start with, I will introduce you to my queens.

Haritha – a college student, 20 years old, studying in my same college

Meera – teacher, 26 years old, unmarried, teaching in my college

Archana – a married woman, 32 years old, working in a private firm.

I’m sorry guys, this is a long story. So please take your time to read it.

This incident started last year and is still continuing.

I entered into to the large, cool, green campus of my college.I did not have any of my friends joining me in the same college.While entering into the college I had certain objectives in my mind.

1. Find new friends
2. Get a girlfriend
3. Find some hot chicks to flirt with.

So with all these objectives, I decided to enter into my class. I enter the class and saw no one was there. So I decided to roam around the campus. While doing so, I saw a girl.She was sitting with her friends under a mango tree and chatting. I was mesmerized by the first sight itself. She was not very fair, wheatish complexion, her hair was tied in a ponytail. She was short, about 5 ft 1 in.

But her face was so innocent and cute that I felt like running up to her and kissing her on her cheeks. But then the bell rang and she went to her class and I started walking towards mine.

When I reached the class I saw that all the students were already there. But to my utter disappointment, there were no good looking girls in my class. But now that was not a problem because someone had already caught my mind.

I was thinking about her when the teacher entered the class. And that was the best moment ever. I felt like there was a slight breeze, someone singing a beautiful song in chorus. There she was, beautifully clad in her pink saree, our class teacher, Meera.

She was as cute as a baby. Her rosy lips and big beautiful round eyes on which the black kajal increased its beauty.She had small breasts but her ass was big. She was not too slim nor too fat. She resembled the actress Meghna Raj in all aspects.

All of the boys were more than happy to have her as our class teacher. I’m sure she would have got a standing ovation from all the 20 dicks in the class.

Since it was the first day, we had classes only until 1 pm. So after the usual introduction and ice breaking, we all were ready to go to our homes. In fact, all the boys including me did not want to leave the class because of this beautiful lady.But had to. It was on my college bus that I saw that girl again. The one whom I had seen in the morning.

She was my senior(oops) and her name was Haritha. She was my same department and her house was about 2km from mine.

While getting down at my bus stop, I became cloudy and windy and all of a sudden it started to rain. As it was an unexpected one I did not have an umbrella also.

So to get away from the rain I stood under a small shop. The rain was getting worse. And I was getting cold.

At that time I saw a lady walking towards the shop. Though she had an umbrella, she was all wet. She bought a pack of candles from the shop. She was taller than me, had a nice pair of breasts and a moderate back.She was wearing a saree and her bra strap was visible. The rain, the cold climate, and her wet look were giving me a hard on and I kept staring her.She saw that and asked what.

I asked, “Can you share your umbrella”. She thought for some time and looking at my wet dress and innocent face she agreed. I came to know that her name was Archana and she works in a private bank.

Her husband works in the next town and has 2 children one in the first standard and other just 6 months old.She was living in the next d block house and we were in c block. So that day with her help I reached home

Now I’m not boring you by detailing all the silly talks within us

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RE: Three Wonderful Ladies In My Life – Part 1
So let’s get to the business now

Yes, it is on valentines day that I received the most precious gifts from these girls. It was a Saturday and we did not have college on Saturdays.

By this time I had proposed Haritha and she hasn’t given me a reply. I am a pet of Meera as I shone well in my first internals and some duties which she had given me.

We were teacher and student inside campus and friends outside. We used to go for shopping and used to movies, restaurants together(of course she used to pay).

My parents also do not have any problem because she was my teacher. And about Archana, well we met daily on our way back to our homes.

I became friends with her husband and her kids.Her younger one liked me very much.Her husband also liked me and used to tell her that their son should be like me.

She was a regular visitor to my home as she liked talking to my mom and I used to visit her house to play with her children. I even used to sleep in her house sometimes when her husband was away on some tour.

Well on Feb 14 it was surprising surprises for me.

I used to go to a trainer with Meera.She wanted to maintain her body and I wanted to reduce my weight.And this has been going on for the past 1 month.

So that particular day, the trainer had some urgent work so he could not come to the place.The training session is usually held in a small club near Meera’s home which had almost all fitness equipment.There were not much visitors in the club and since I was valentines day none was there.It was just me and Meera.

She usually wears a tight dress to the gym and I used to have hard-ons seeing her bent and stretch in that dress.She has also seen my hard ons. That day while exercising I playfully asked why did she not go out with her boyfriend.

She looked at me in a questioning manner and answers, “I am with him now”. I knew that she was telling it simply and I again flirted with her.

While talking so the talk went to girls, girlfriends and as usual their body. I said her that I liked girls with medium sized breasts, that could he handled at one full in each hand. She laughed at it. Her next reply shocked me. She said, “I don’t know the size and all but I like your cock”.

Hearing this, I was frozen as hell. I did not know what to do next.Or rather I did not have to do anything. She came near me (she was taller than me, I was up to her ear only) and hugged the ice frozen me.

She raised my face and kissed me on the forehead.Ohhh what a feeling it was.Her soft juicy wet lips on my forehead.And I could smell her sweat.

All of a sudden I hugged her tight and started to kiss around her neck.She started moaning and I proceeds towards her lips.It was my first lip lock so I did not know how to do it.But she was a pro.She took captain of the process, kept her one hand on my very very erect cock and the other on my shoulder.

She placed my hands on her fluffy boobs and opened her mouth and kissed me.It was like the hate of heaven was thrown open for me.My lips on hers, hands on her boobs and my cock under her hand.

We stood like that for about 10 mins and then parted.We both were panting and sweating because of the excitement.It was then the animal in me woke up. I lifted her top and pulled down her pants along with her panty.And swiftly removed her push up bras.

Now she was standing stark naked before me. She could only undo my shirt with this time.I pounced on her like a tiger pouncing on its prey.She never expected to this wild.But she was enjoying.With the little knowledge that I got seeing adult videos and reading sex stories, I licked, sucked bit her body.

She was laughing and moaning simultaneously.We both had completely lost track of the world.It was just me and her and oily naked bodies.She removed my shorts and undies with her mouth and came on top of me.

Now she was even wilder than me.She kept kissing all around my face and my hairy chest and was biting my nipples.She then put her tongue inside my belly button and licked it.She grinded her pussy mound towards my cock and lay down on my body.

Her 26-year-old 34 sized boobs were touching my 19-year-old chest.Her hair was over my face.I was about to lick her pussy when suddenly my phone rang.It was then we both came into the real world.I answered the phone and it was another shock for me.It was Haritha and she wanted to meet me today.It was almost 8:30 by then.

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RE: Three Wonderful Ladies In My Life – Part 1
Meera knew all about my love with Haritha.So although she was not completely satisfied she allowed me to meet Haritha as she felt that Haritha was going to accept my proposal.So I promised to meet Meera in the evening and she gave me money to buy the condoms for the “Evenings meet”.

So I reached home, bathed and dressed up.My father and mother both were employees so they had office that day and they left.

I took my car and went to meet Haritha at about 9:30. We decided to meet on Tipu’s Fort that stands as the glory of the Palakkad city. She was waiting for me there. While coming to the fort I bought a big dairy milk chocolate for and a pack of condoms for Meera. So we met and we walked into the fort.

While coming to the fort I bought a big dairy milk chocolate for and a pack of condoms for Meera. So we met and we walked into the fort.

As it was valentines day there were a lot of lovers inside the fort. We sat in an empty corner. We sat there and talked some nonsense and then she said that she loved me.I was like jumping with joy. I thought this was the best day.

Since I was in the hangover of mornings activities I couldn’t talk much. She thought that I was not comfortable with this place.

She told me that we can go to her friend’s place.I reluctantly agreed and while driving she was constantly talking about her friends her likes and all those stuff.But my mind was stuck on those boobs of Meera. When we reached the place she got down from the car and walked towards the door asking me to follow her.

She took keys from her purse and opens it.It was then she told me that she wanted to cone to this house so that we can talk all alone.There was no one in the house.Her friend and family had gone to some marriage.

Then she asked me if I did not buy her any gift.It was then I snapped out of the thoughts about Meera and took the chocolate from my pocket. Since it was there in the pocket for a long time, it had melted and when the opened the pack, it started to leak through her fingers.She licked her fingers and offers me a piece of it.

I took it from her chocolaty fingers by mouth and even licked her fingers.She blushed doing so and she was, even more, prettier when she blushed.Then she placed bar in her mouth and the chocolate spread all over her mouth. She was smiling.I took it as an invitation and began licking her mouth.She did not say anything.

Now I started licking and sucking her lips.There was no objection from her part.I fact I felt like she was enjoying it.I slowly licked her lips.I could taste the chocolate on her lips and now she to started responding.Since I had already got an experience of lip lock I did it great this time.

In the meantime, I started unbuttoning her top and slowly undid her jeans.

By the time we finished kissing she was just in her inners.I made myself naked in front of her.She was shy and was blushing.I raised her face and kissed her lips again.This time she responded well.

Then I laid her down on the sofa and removed her inners too.She tried to object it this time and closed her boobs and pussy with her hands.I did not want to force her.So took some leftover chocolate and applied it over her body and started licking it.She was enjoying that.She was moaning lightly.

Then I took the chocolate wrapper and applied the sticky chocolate on her legs and started licking it from the toes.She liked that very much.She even raised her hands to give me hug.Then I started pressing and pulling her 32 sized breasts.She was moaning heavily.

Then I caressed her body and licked and sucked every part of it.I asked her to do a blowjob but she was reluctant.So I did not force her.I licked her pussy and she had her first orgasm.Then I proceeded to fuck her.

I blindfolded her and played with her body.Then I rubbed my cock all over her body.She was getting scared feeling its size with her hands (it is 6″ in length and 3″ in dia).

Then I rubbed it around her pussy lips.She had told me that it was the safe period for her.So I did not bother using a condom.

I pushed the thing inside and her pussy was ver tight.And since I did not have the experience in penetration, it pained for her as well as for me and she started bleeding. Yessss she is a virgin.She started crying with pain.And I further did not push and waited for her pain to subside.

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RE: Three Wonderful Ladies In My Life – Part 1
Then once the pain decreased I pushed I pushed it further and it went in with a plunk sound.She started feeling more pain.Then I started giving slow strokes and then increased my speed.Her cry was slowly giving way to moanings as pleasure had taken over the pain in her pussy.

After about 15 mins of firing, I felt her pussy walls tightening.She was showing weird actions and her body was becoming stiff.And like a flash flood came her juices onto my penis.

She cried out loudly, “Ahhhhhhhhhh”, just like you see in movies when you are hit with an iron rod.Seeing her like these and due to her moans, I also came inside her pussy.We both were breathing heavily due to the action.I kept my cock in her pussy and lied over her.

We were too exhausted.It was almost 1 pm and we didn’t know that time flew.It was time for her to go back.So we quickly dressed and I drove her to her bus stop.She was finding it difficult to walk.She bid me goodbye and shyly told me thanks for making her day wonderful.

I took lunch from a hotel and went.I was too exhausted even to call Meera and cancel the evening’s appointment.I went home and slept.

When I woke up it was almost 6 pm and my mom and dad were home.I came down and they asked if I was alright.I said I am ok.Then they told me Meera had called me and asked to call her back when I wake up.Also, they told me that I would have to go to sleep at Archana’s house today as her husband and son has gone to their native for some family function

When I checked my phone, there were 10 missed calls from Meera and a message. I called her and told about today’s incident.She was happy with.But when I told her about the sleepover she sounded a bit sad and hung up the phone.I felt bad for her and decided to go to her house the next day at any cost

But I little did I know about the other adventures that awaited me. After dinner, around 9’o clock, I went to Archana’s home.She was very happy to see me. I could see that she was much happier than normal.She welcomed me inside.She asked me how was my day.I said it was just normal.I did not feel like telling her abt my girls today.

Then we did some more talking and all the while she was seeing me differently and showing odd mannerisms. She was touching me here and there, beating me and pinching me for even small jokes that I said.Then she told me that she will give milk to the baby sleep him and then will go to bathe.I said ok and switched on the tv.

After about half an hour she came. I was stunned seeing her. She was wearing a purple color saree and that was really complimenting her milky fair skin.Her saree was below her waist and her navel was seen.She was wearing jasmine flowers on her hair and was wearing some light ornaments.She was looking like newly married.

I asked her what was this for. She replied that today was her wedding day. But to her husband, his family function was more important.So he left her and went. She almost about to cry.I felt sorry for her. She told me that I was having a surprise and took me to her bedroom.

When I opened the door is was really surprised.It was fully lit by candles and jasmine flowers were spread on the bed.It was looking like a room arranged for the first night.

She pushed me inside and closed the door.She told me she had seen my bulge in the pant every time I saw her.Also, she wants to feel me the very first day she saw me because I resembled her old boyfriend.

She was married aginst her will to Suresh(her husband) who did not care for her sexy body.Most nights she was left unsatisfied or unattended by him.

She did not think about submitting herself to another man until she saw me.I was very much confused by her saying.I did not know whether to faint or not.

I was more than happy at that moment. Last she requested me to have sex with her in the theme of having her first night.

Hearing this, I hugged her tightly and she too hugged me.We moved into a passionate kiss.She was more passionate than me.I felt a lioness inside her.I slowly made her sat on the bed and removed her pallu.And started to knead her boobs over her blouse.I also licked and sucked them.

Then she stripped naked and removed my dress too.Now the real fun starts we both totally went wild with kisses and licked.She even gave me a blowjob without my request.Oh god! what a blowjob that was.

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RE: Three Wonderful Ladies In My Life – Part 1
Then I sucked ger boobs and drank her milk.The big pink areolas on her white breasts were looking exquisite.I could just sit there admiring them for hours.

She, on the other hand, grew too wild.She started biting and licking.She was even licking my asshole.

Then she started to move over my body like a snake.

In fact, we were like snakes making out.Twisting aginst each other.I licked her cleanly shaven armpits and she played with my sack and balls.

Then I put her in the missionary position, wore a condom(she had it all planned) and started to fuck her.She was moaning like porn stars.

After about 20 mins, we changed positions she came to doggie style.And we fucked.This time we cummed together.

Then we rested for some time and again started our action in women on top position.That night we fucked in many positions including crab, rabbit, and radish etc.

That was the best night ever.The action continued till 3 in the morning.We even went to her kitchen and fucked there.

But due to the “Morning rituals”(with Haritha) I felt tired after 4th round but I saw that she was still strong enough for few more.But seeking my tiredness she decided to stop and then we slept hugging each other naked.Next day I woke up at 9 and went to my home.

I couldn’t meet Meera that day also. But I met her the next day, Monday in college.That was another adventurous day.

I would tell u that and the threesome we had with Haritha in college and about the group sex with Archana her friends and my other angels in the next part

So stay tuned.

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