Sex With An Unknown Sex Starved Punjabi Aunty
05-03-2017, 09:53 PM,
Sex With An Unknown Sex Starved Punjabi Aunty
Hi, this is Rohan Mahajan, age 21 from Pathankot Punjab.
I have been reading sex stories since 2-3 years back.
So I decided to write my own story that happened to me a few months back. Any girl or bhabhi who wants to be in a secret relation could mail me on [email protected]
Coming back to the story. It was January evening. I was just roaming in my car just for time pass. I saw a lady standing on the road with her activa parked and was looking worried. I stopped the car and came out enquiring her what happened. But as I saw her, I had gone speechless.
She was damn beautiful and fair as milk, 27 years old, 36-30-36 figure, wearing jacket and jeans. I could not take my eyes off her. But somehow I asked her about her problem. She told me that her vehicle was not getting started and she was on her way to mamun.
As it was late she was worried. So I told her that could I drop her. To which surprisingly she replied positively. She parked her activa near a park and got into my car and I started driving.
On our way, I enquired about her to which she said her name is Nisha and she lives with her mother-in-law as her husband is in the army.Till then I had no bad intention about her but as I listened that her husband was in the army, my devil mind started thinking she might need a good fuck.
So I started flirting with her and told her that she is very beautiful. She started blushing and said, thanks. She asked about me, where I live, where I study and blah blah. On our way, I put my hands on her thighs and she didn’t object.
I got the green signal. I stopped the car in a remote area and pulled her toward me and took her red rosy lips in mine and started kissing her. She also started to kiss me.
This continued for 5 mins and I kissed her lips, chin, shoulders, and neck. She was getting horny and we broke the kiss after some time. She told me that she is sex starved for 6 months and hasn’t taken a dick in her pussy.
She asked me to come to her house as her mother-in-law was not there. I was so happy that I started kissing her again. I opened the zip of her jacket. She had only worn a bra inside the jacket. Her body was so white that her black bra was making her look sexier.
I started pressing her boobs over her bra and side by side. We were smooching badly. Then I opened the hook of her bra and took off her bra and her 36 size melon like boobs were inviting me to eat them and her nipples were already erect.
She told me to go to her house and do the rest there. So I started driving as fast as I could and was massaging her one boob while I was driving.
After 15 mins of driving, we reached her house. I parked the car and got to her house with her.
As we entered, I locked the door and pulled her towards me and started kissing her wildly. She responded fully.While smooching her, I removed her jacket and bra and started kissing her neck, licked her shoulders and again smooched her and massaged her 36 size melons.
She was so sex starved that she started begging to fuck her pussy. I was in full mood to have a foreplay first and then fuck her.
I took her to the bedroom room and pushed her onto the bed and started licking her nipples. I was biting her nipples and licking them. She was moaning, aaaaahhhhh ummmmm yeahhh aise he karooo kitne time baad kisi ne mere nipples lick kiye hai aaaahhhhh”
Then I licked and bit her boobs for 20 mins and made love bites all over her boobs. Then she again started asking me to fuck her, “Jaan please I can’t control anymore.. Please fuck me”
I then pulled down her jeans and then her black panty. Her pussy was clean shaved. She told me that she shaves every alternate day.
Then I asked her to give me a blowjob to which she readily agreed. She took my dick and I held her hairs and made her lips to move in and out. She started licking like a prostitute. After 5 mins, I was about to cum and I cummed in her mouth and she spat it out.
Then I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her nipples, licking and biting them. She was moaning, “Aaaaaahhhh araam se choosooo tumhare he hai ye abs lick them Rohan bite my boobs”

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05-03-2017, 09:53 PM,
RE: Sex With An Unknown Sex Starved Punjabi Aunty
I then came down and started licking her pussy. She was moaning like hell, “Aaaaaaahhh rohan aurrr choosoooo is chut ko iski aaj pyaas bujha doo. Bahot tadap rahi hai ye aaaaaahhhhh yeaaahhhhh lick it rohan”

Soon she cummed and I licked her cum. My dick was now ready to enter her. I inserted my dick in her pussy. As she was not fucked for long, her pussy was tight. As I entered, she let out a loud moan, “Aaaaaahhhhh araaam se roha.”

I started kissing her vigorously and massaging her boobs.

Firstly, I started doing it slowly and she wrapped her legs around my waist and was just moaning, “Oooohhhhhh rohan chodo mujhe randi ki tarah chodo aaahhhhh main tumhari he hu abse faad doo choot meri aaaaaahhhhh aur tez kroooo rohan aur tez karooo”

Then I started fucking her fast and the whole room was filled with sound of her moans, “Aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhh ohhhhhh fuck me jaannn aurrr chodo”

After 15 mins, I was about to cum and she told to cum inside her pussy. We both cummed at the same time and she was exhausted. Then we laid hugging each other and smooched each other for 15 mins.

After 20-25 mins of a break, my dick was ready to fuck her again. This time I asked her to be in doggy style as I wanted to fuck her sexy ass.

I applied oil on her ass and on my dick and pushed my dick into her ass. It was very tight and my dick could hardly enter her ass.

After 2 mins of trying, I managed to insert my whole dick inside her ass. She started screaming and crying due to pain.I then bent down and grabbed her boobs and started fucking her ass.She was now enjoying her ass being fucked.

She was moaning, “Aaahhhhhhh araaam se krooo aaahhhhh ohhhhh mummyyyy araam se chodo mere jaanu aaahhhhhhhh ummmm aur andar tak daalo lun apna faad do gaand meri abse ye jism tumhara he hai jitna mrzi chodo isse randi bna k aaaaahhhhh”

After fucking her for 20 mins, I was about to cum too and I took my dick out and put it in her pussy and cummed there.

After that, we took rest and slept for 1 hour. When we woke up, the time was 11 pm. After that, she served food but I didn’t let her wear any clothes. That night I fucked for 4 more times in the washroom, drawing room, on her bed.

After that, we both used to have sex at regular intervals and till now I have been fucking her 4 times a week.

Any unsatisfied girl or lady who wants to have a secret sex relation can mail me on

Free Savita Bhabhi &Velamma Comics @

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