My Unexpected Encounter – Part 2
05-03-2017, 09:52 PM,
My Unexpected Encounter – Part 2
Hello, sexy boys and girls. Hope you are doing good and having horny days. Thank you so much for your support and valuable comments for my previous sex stories. These comments will really help me to give better stories in future.

For the first time readers, I am Neha. I am from Indore and I work at an MNC in Mumbai. I have been a good resource for my company and I have remarkable marketing skills. I have been to almost all the major cities of India and a couple of foreign countries. I am blessed with a beautiful body and a sexy figure.

This lead me to explore various things in my life and thus making me a dream girl for many guys. I am quite proud of myself regarding this.

This story is a continuation of the previous story “The Unexpected Encounter – Part 1”.

To give a quick summary of the previous story, I was on my day off and was struggling a lot to kill my boredom. I watched porn videos and got aroused. I started to masturbate in front of the mirror and enjoyed my whole naked body.

Since I haven’t washed my clothes for a week, I put almost all of my clothes in washing machine.

I started to remove my pubic hair using the cream and suddenly was interrupted by the computer installation guy. As it is very difficult to get his appointment, I let him in and do the installation wearing a bra and panties and covered them using my robe.

While doing the installations, he saw the hair removing cream and that was a bit embarrassment to me.

I sat on the chair as it was taking long. I got a doubt whether this installation really take this long or this guy is taking more time purposely to have a glance on my body through this robe.

I crossed my legs and my whole left leg was out of his view. He was looking at my leg and doing installation simultaneously. As I was already horny, this glimpse of him made be even hornier. He was not bad for the guy for installation.

He has an average Indian guy’s physic and must be around 28. He was fair and was really tall. Tall enough to attract me. His chest was very broad so that my whole face and my shoulders could fit in if he hugged me. He also had long legs and good arms.

His lips were pinkish and were of good length. Those lips were enough to give a good long kiss. A mole on his right cheek was looking cute and a small mole on his upper left lip was hot enough to bite it while kissing him.

I stood up and went near him to see how he smelled. I had a very good taste and was using a good brand of body spray which most of the women likes. His hair was silky and he was having a dragon tattoo on his right bicep. I started the conversation:

Me: What is your name?
G: George.
Me: Nice name. I like the way you do multi-tasking.
G: Multi-tasking?
Me: Yes. Installation and checking me out.
G: (Smiles)

Gosh, he had one of the sexy smiles I ever came across. I liked to grab his face and kiss his lips for at least a minute.

Then, I sat near him and started to show off my body to him on purpose. I spread the hanging portion of the robe and sat before him so that he could see my whole legs and thighs till my crotch. He was getting nervous and was having no idea whether to continue with his installation works or to appreciate the view I offered him.

After a self-struggle and the conflicts between ethics and natural desire, he favored his manhood. He passed a smile to me and I reflected back with a smile. I bit my lower lip to show what I was having in my mind.

He knew what was being expected from him and was in good communication with me. A communication without involving our voice. He stopped whatever he was doing and stood in front of me for the next signal. I untied the knot of the bathing robe. He took off his shirt in a sexy way. When he tried to take off his pants,

Me: sushhhhhhh.

I put my finger on his lips and said, “sush”. I slowly unbuckled his belt and unhooked his pants. Then, I unzipped his pants and his bulge came out.

I pulled down his underwear and took his hard penis in my hand. Meanwhile, he unhooked my bra and grabbed his hands on my breasts.

He was massaging my boobs while I am stroking his penis. I could see his penis going longer and harder. Then, I held his cock and dragged him to the bedroom. I pushed him on my bed. I took off my panties and jumped on him.

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05-03-2017, 09:52 PM,
RE: My Unexpected Encounter – Part 2
Soon, we were kissing each other. I was kissing harder and tearing off his lips. He was going through my body and was smelling my earlobes which aroused me a lot.
His beard was trimmed and was hurting my cheeks and face when he was sucking my neck and ears. I like his pain from a beard. This masculine face was making me horny.
He went down and started to lick my pussy. He could smell the fresh cream from my pussy and liked it very much as it was clean and fair.
He turned me and grabbed my ass. He kissed and bit my ass and I loved the pain. He was about to insert his tool in my pussy, I caught his penis and guided it to my ass.
He then banged my ass hard and overall I loved the pain he was giving me.
After banging my ass for a while, he came on top of my ass. We went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. Then, he finished the installation and went happily.
Thanks for reading my story and please comment below or send your comments to 

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