My Unexpected Encounter – Part 1
05-03-2017, 09:51 PM,
My Unexpected Encounter – Part 1
Hello, sexy boys and girls. How are you people doing? Hope you are doing good and getting everything on time (if you know what I mean). I am back with yet another sex story.Thanks for the feedback for my previous sex stories and your suggestions are really useful for my upcoming stories and of course for my experience.

A little bit about myself, I am Neha and I am from Indore. I have been to many places like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc.

Now, I am currently settled in Mumbai. I have experienced a lot of sexual encounters and various experiences in my life right from my high school due to my sexy body and my explicit dressing style. As I have told in my previous stories, art must be appreciated and I love to exhibit the art expected.

This happened a couple of years ago when I was staying in Mumbai. I was staying in a two bedroom apartment and I was sharing this flat with one of my friends.

She left the country as she got shifted to the foreign branch and so I have to live on my own. I was on my day off and was staying at my flat. I was trying to do something to kill my boredom as I got off on three continuous days. I was having a boyfriend then, so I tried calling him.

Unfortunately, he had important work and won’t be home for two days. I started to watch movies and even they were boring. I was watching some porn videos and was getting horny.

Usually, at these situations, I use to do something and that is satisfying my sexual desires. I like to admire my own body. I was wearing a t-shirt and a night pants. I went in front of a mirror in the living area and took off my t-shirt. I ran my hands over my bra and was touching my breasts.

Then, I took off my night pants and sat before the mirror, on a chair. I ran my fingers over my thighs and felt exotic about my thighs and legs.

I took off my panties and grabbed my pussy lips. I made it open and let my middle finger inside. I love the way my finger is moving my pussy. Then, I grabbed my ass and was pressing my own butt. I felt my own body and I was really liking it. I pressed my nipples and was pulling them.

My next few minutes went by fingering my pussy with one hand and pulling my nipples by the other hand. After a while, I noticed that my pussy needs to get rid of a few pubic hairs. I hate to grow hair on my pussy and I would get rid of them at once.

So, I went to the bathroom and got the hair remover cream I got from a store in London when I was on a holiday.With all the equipment, I was ready and was applying cream over my pussy.

After applying the cream, I realized that I need to wash my clothes.

Without giving any second thought, I put all my clothes in the washing machine and switched it ON. All my clothes were washing and I was glad that I am going to stay naked for at least three to four hours.

After this, I started to remove the cream along with the hair.

Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring. I was shocked and had no idea what to even think I thought it must be some salesman or someone so I kept silent thinking that the person must figure out that there is no one at home and would leave.

I was still for a few minutes and the person was not ready to leave. I thought if the person is very stubborn to visit, the reason must be serious. So I shouted from inside:

Me: Who is this?
Him: Mam. I am here with your new MAC computer and I need to install.
Me: Could you come back later. Now, it is not a good time. Please.
Him: Mam, if you want me to leave now, it’s okay. But you have to raise a new request for another visit. I can’t come again.

Oh gosh, that was a disaster. I knew that I cannot wait for another visit. I have already waited long for the computer and its installation.

I asked him to wait for a couple of minutes and ran inside to check any of nice and decent clothes to put on.

Unfortunately, I have all of them on my machine and are being washed. I have not prepared for a surprise visit and my horny mind took over my brain and was blocking its reasonable logic that there might be a guest.

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05-03-2017, 09:51 PM,
RE: My Unexpected Encounter – Part 1
Finally, I managed to grab a set of my inner wears and a bathing robe. I wore them and checked myself in the mirror.I was looking like a slut and I was lacking options.

I opened the door and was waiting for him.

The guy came in with the package and I closed the door as I don’t want any person to peek inside. Looking at my outfit, he understood the reason I asked him to come back.He had an embarrassing face and apologized.

I told him to cool down and he was doing the installations. He also noticed the hair removing cream and that was really an embarrassment to me.

Wait for the continuation in my next part. Please send me your comments to

Free Savita Bhabhi &Velamma Comics @

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