Marriage With My Homely Sexy Mom
05-01-2017, 10:57 AM,
Marriage With My Homely Sexy Mom
Hello Desitales readers, this is sid (Siddhartha) from India (can’t say the exact place). This the story about me and my mom, how we get married and fucked each other.

First, about me. I am well educated from a top most university in ECE dept.The incident happened when I was in 4th year of my college while attending the placements.

I will introduce my mom now.

Her name is Anju (Anjali), she works in a Pvt company.She got married to my father when she was 17 as they both had eloped. My father had a business. My father died when I was in 4 and my mother was 21 yo then. She completed her degree and got a job to look after me.

By the time I completed my 4th year of my Engg, she was around 32 but a lady with face and figure of 28.

Back to the story. When I was doing final year of my engineering course, I got to here about incest stories of single mom and son.

Then I was turned to my mom and started staring at her. Once I was early from my college and I saw my mom sleeping in her room with saree up to her knee. I could see some of her cunt.

Later, when the tap in my bathroom was not working, I went to bath in my mom’s bathroom. I saw her coming out of the bathroom fresh after a bath and wearing only a red bra and panties. I was stunned to see her in that state and I was not in a position to control myself.

I went into the bathroom and saw mom’s bra and panties. I was so horny that I masturbated in mom’s bathroom.After all these incidents, my mind was fixated on having sex with my mom.

So I prepared a plan to fuck her.But I was still in doubt whether she will accept or not.

In the evening, I went along with my mom to the kitchen and helped her in cooking. While cooking, I hugged her from behind and she thought as it was a normal hug. But I was rubbing my dick on her ass. She realized there was something wrong with me.She separated me.

Then during the placements, I got placement in the same company where my mom works and I informed her the good news.

She was happy to hear that and earlier she had told me that if I get a job in the same company, she will give me whatever I ask her.

So she remembered her promise. I told her that I will take her word afterward

One fine day, I planned to take my mom out and I bought a red transparent saree and all inner wears for her and booked a dinner at a fine restaurant and I took her there.

She was very happy with me that I got a job and that too in the same company as hers. She was a little shy as the saree was semi-transparent.

As we finished our dinner, I took a ring from my pocket and I proposed her to marriage me! I wanted to marry her and fuck her. She was shocked and shouted, no. We weren’t talking to each after that.

But one fine morning, I saw her sleeping beside me. I was shocked and I was a surprise then here come she told me that after thinking a lot, she is ready to marry me.

I was so happy nd she told me to come home early that evening.

I came early in the evening and I saw my mom was already in the house. I asked her why she asked me to come early.She gave a set of clothes and asked me to change it and come without any questions. I went and changed.

Then I came to the hall and I saw that my mom also had changed her saree and was sitting on the sofa with a red and gold color saree with jewels around her.

She had lots of material in her hand.

Then she took me to the living room where I saw a small fire placed in the middle. She played an audio cd in which some mantras were recited.

Then I asked my mom what is all this and she replied, “This is the day you will remember for your entire life. This is going to be the best moment for both of us. This is the day we marry each other”

I was shocked to hear that. We continued with the procedures and I was still in shock that I was really going to marry my mom.

We held each other’s hand and walked around the fire and completed the procedures of marriage. We were now a couple. I can see the happiness in my mom’s tears.

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05-01-2017, 10:58 AM,
RE: Marriage With My Homely Sexy Mom
After that, she cleaned up all the mess in the room and asked me to stay in the bedroom till she finishes cleaning the room.

Then she went, cleaned up and came to me saying that, “dekh merey pathi, war maine app ka promise pura kardiya” (see my husband, I have fulfilled my promise of marrying you).

She was happy to have me in her bedroom but I was not satisfied in just marrying her. I was in intense desire to fuck her but said nothing. She kept on watching me.

Then suddenly she got up and asked me whether I was ready to have sex with her or not. I said, “yes, but mom…”

She interrupted me and said, “I am no more your mom. Now I am your wife and you are my husband. You have all right to bang me and have sex with me”

I was happy to hear that from my mom.

Around 10 pm, I and my mom were standing in the corner of the bedroom. I approached her and hugged her.

She was fully filled with kama as she was having it after a long time. So she grabbed me, kissed on my lips for 10 mins. We fell on the bed without breaking the kiss.

She then grabbed my shirt and removed it and kissed my entire chest. She was holding my cock over my pants.

Then she slowly unzipped my pants and took my cock out and held it in her hand. She was surprised to see a 9 inches cock. She licked my cock first and then started massaging it with her soft hands.

I asked her to remove her saree. She stood up and removed her saree. Now she was in her bra and panties.

She said, “kya huva pathi dev apne pathni ko dekh kar raha nahi gaya kya aao mujeh apne seal ko phir se toad kar pana jalwa dekh merey pathi raj”.

I was stunned to hear those words from my mom and I got up from the bed and took her in my hands.

I laid her on the bed and I was holding her 34 sized big boobs with both hands, pressing and squeezing them.

For the next 5 mins, I was rubbing her body.

I removed her panties and started sucking her pussy.She was having her pussy sucked after a long time and I was able to hear moaning and shouting, “Suck it hard, my love.. Suck it like that.. Ah ah come on, sid suck till last of that.. I am about to cum come on suck it sid suck it”.

The after sucking her pussy for 5 mins, we were in a 69 position, sucking and licking each other’s dick and pussy respectively.

After 5 mins, my mom was not able to wait anymore and asked me to insert my dick into her pussy.

I took my position behind her and was pushing my dick towards her pussy. But it was a little bit hard as her pussy was very tight.

I gave more force and she was in pain and was squeezing the pillow and scratching me.

I continued moving my dick in and out of her pussy and she was shouting in pain, “Take me bastard, take it all.. Come on, fuck me.. Show me heaven.. Come on, fuck me hard you son of a bitch ah ah ah yesssssssss! Yesssss! Ahhhhhh fuck me like that”

She was shouting loudly and after a while, we changed positions. She came over me and she was like riding me like a horse. She was pushing her pussy on my dick and was moaning. I grabbed her big boobs and kissed her lips while fucking.

After 5 mins, we shifted to doggy style and after 10 mins, I cummed inside her and she got her orgasm too.

Then she licked my dick clean and said, “Really Sid, your father had not given me any of this happiness.I am really happy to have you as my husband”

After 2 months of daily sex and life, my mom and I applied for a transfer and shifted to other cities and lived there as husband and wife. She always likes to suck my dick in 69 position and fuck her in doggy position.

I will be back with the continuation of the story with my Anjali.

Bye goodbye

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