Entertainment wreatling fedration
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I'm here with the gorgeous EVA NOTTY  who is about to step into the ring in a 2-1 HANDICAP Match against THE USOS, whom if they win get their tag team re-match for their titles they lost to JORDAN CARVER & NICOLETTE SHEA.

Look at me Gene, ( as she kisses his cheeks, the speaks ) there is no way that The USOS can beat me, not only that I will beat them with these high heels, to show how dominate I am inside the squared circle, hey I may even sexual arouse them in the process. 

EVA NOTTY I Saw the USOS they have vowed to be as dangerous as they have ever been & they plan on beating you & beating you bad.

Well I was going to play nice, but now I will use this body ( as EVA does a slow spin 360 degrees to show off her outfit for match ) do you think I would wear this if I was concerned, no ( as she pulls Mean Gene Oakland close to her & whisper sexually to him ) I will make them stiff up & they will become my play things, I will do things to them they never thought possible inside a wrestling ring, that is until they met me.

I understand the need to impress, but this is ridiculous, at least put on some wrestling boots to give yourself a fighting chance.

Mean Gene, honey, sugar, if I put on wrestling HEELS, them I would not give The USOS a fighting chance. This way they get a honest opportunity, but I am one whom doesn't show mercy, I thrive on cries of despair & when I have the usos where I want them, they will know that their cries of help or mercy will fall on my sexy deaf ears, as I will only use it to inflict pain on them even further ( as she now cuddles Mean Gene & gives him a kiss on his bold head ) see you after this match, I promise you won't have anything to worry about.

There you have it, EVA NOTTY to take on The USOS in a 2-1 Handicap match, no disqualification match





The following match is a 2-1 Handicap No Disqualification match.



 Introducing their opponent making her way to the ring 


EVA NOTTY comes away from her corner ( top left of screen corner ) after she limbered up with sexy stretches as The USOS sent out here to atone for the beatings the superstars have taken this far tonight. The USOS have been promised a re-match with their stipulations should they defeat EVA NOTTY who has vowed she will beat then in a 2-1 Handicap No disqualification matchEVA NOTTY will also it, in high heels just to prove her point, as EVA NOTTY locks up to both The USOSwith her back to the far side of the ring ) as they moved about the ring & EVA NOTTY DOUBLE KARATE TWIRLS them lunging at her to the canvass & towards the ropes, the usos end up ( far side of the ring ) as EVA NOTTY turns sexily as she flicks her hair back watching The usos get off the canvass & away from the ropes ( far side of the ring ) as The usos are doing the seizing up as they move about the ring trying to get a fix on her. Whilst EVA NOTTY hands on hips looks as calm as anyone I've ever seen in this situation. EVA NOTTY DOUBLE KARATE PALMS The usos ( as she had her back directly in line with the main camera ) as she back peddles The USPS to opposite ropes Jimmy uso ( with his back to the titantron ) & Jay uso  ( who had his back to the commentators ) both end up on those respective ropes held up as they clear their heads, whilst EVA NOTTY hands on hips shakes her long blonde hair as she awaits their next move. 

EVA NOTTY & The usoswith the fans chanting for EVA NOTTY as she allows them to close in on her & EVA NOTTY DOUBLE HEAD LOCKS The usos either side of her & uses a high heel each to stand on at least one heel each of The usos in this 2-1 HANDICAP NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH, as EVA NOTTY by doing this stopped them trying to perform a move on her, as EVA NOTTY wrings the necks of the British Bulldogs either side of her ( as Eva notty has her back to the titnatron ) as she has hardly moved about the ring, allowing her opponents to come to her & it has worked as this double move is proof of that. EVA NOTTY continues to apply the DOUBLE SIDE HEADLOCKS on either THE USOS as they struggle & she just works them over continuing to work them over ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five seconds ) as the usos decide to pull rough & from either side whilst still in her DOUBLE HEADLOCKS The British Bulldogs grab her long blond hair either side of her, bit it only infuriates EVA NOTTY ( facing the bottom right of screen corner ) & now EVA NOTTY counters their desperate attempts to DOUBLE JAWBREAKERS The usos either side of herself & they are down & dazed by that move. 

*EVA NOTTY holds fire on following up on them as The USPS used the momentum from landing on the canvass to roll under the bottom ropes either side of EVA NOTTY standing in the middle of the ring ( facing the main camera ) as she adjusts her outfit pulling down on it, before EVA NOTTY decides to do a little downward stretch to show off her ass as she notices The USPS looking under the ring aprons for weapons they can bring into this 2-1 HANDICAP NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH ( it takes them .... one, .... two, ... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight, .... nine seconds ) as they slowly make their ways back each holding a steel chair as a weapon, as the fans concerned for what The usos may have in store for EVA NOTTY with those steel chairs. The usos move in on her as EVA NOTTY remains in the middle of the ring ( this time facing the commentators ) as they The usos enter ( from far side of the ring) Jimmy uso & ( from the main camera side )  Jay ISO as The usos both have looks of evil intent written all over their faces as they approach EVA NOTTY either side of them as they go to strike her either side, EVA NOTTY does the DOUBLE LEG SPLITS in her heels & The usos drop the chairs they were holding in their respective chairs, because EVA NOTTY performed a RAPID DOUBLE LEG SPLIT LOW BLOWS The usos with her counter attacking move ... one, .... two, .... three times & The USPS fall to the canvass clutching their balls.

EVA NOTTY gets up as she stands over the usos whom are both struggling to get up, as EVA NOTTY pulls up Jimmy uso & whilst Jay uso is still down holding his dick, EVA NOTTY has placed Jimmy uso to place in STANDING BEAR HUG off his feet, as Jay uso is slowly getting up to his feet ( taking .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four seconds ), as EVA NOTTY releases Jimmy uso from the STANDING BEAR HUGS she had on him & he slides down to the canvass as she released him, whilst clinging to EVA NOTTY who shakes him off like a halo hope & now EVA NOTTY ( with her back to the titantron ) STANDING BEAR BUGS Jay uso off his feet as she positions Jay uso ( with his back to the top left of screen corner ) near the corner & EVA NOTTY places Jay uso against the corner, as she senses Jimmy uso getting to his feet & he charges slower then normally & EVA NOTTY BACK FLIP EVADES Jimmy uso whom tried to RUNNING DOUBLE CORNER DROP KICKS Jay uso instead to his chest as he gasps for air immediately, whilst EVA NOTTY landing perfectly on her feet after doing her move & now EVA NOTTY in stalking V Stance waits for Jimmy uso to turn around to face her & then EVA NOTTY sexily strolls towards the usos moves in as she has The usos trapped in the corner ( bottom right of screen ) as EVA NOTTY tells them " I don't need chairs or foreign objects to beat you two, I will use my hands, legs & lethal sexy body, no man or woman can refuse " as EVA NOTTY DOUBLE LADY LIKE SHOULDER RAMS The uaos trapped against each other as EVA NOTTY delivers ...... one, ............. two, .................... three, ................................................ four, ........................... five blows

EVA NOTTY strolls away twirling her hair as The usos are left reeling, as they slowly begin to move out of the corner gingerly & EVA NOTTY turns to see them coming as EVA NOTTY DOUBLE STANDING SINGLE ARM BEAR HUGS The usos with one arm each ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight, .... nine, ... seconds ) as The usos have leaned against her in agony as they moan their agony to which it is heard through the effets microphones at ringside & now EVA NOTTY converts the DOUBLE SANDING BEAR HUG into a DOUBLE HANGING DELAYED SUPLEX ( as EVA NOTTY has her back to the titantron ) & the The USOS as USOS had her back to the top left of screen corner & she maintains it for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight, .... nine, .... ten seconds ) & a long time before EVA NOTTY DOUBLE COMPLETE SUPLEX SLAMS them to the canvass as she gets up showing off she has no nickers on underneath her outfit.

EVA NOTTY has totally dominated The usos as she promised, as EVA NOTTY stands over them, looking down on them, but the usos are both down, as EVA NOTTY decides to walk about the ring showing off her body to the fans she does little bend overs, little spins, little waves, then little modeling poses ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six seconds ) as she wants The usos to get up to keep fighting her, as EVA NOTTY moves in on them, as Jay uso is up on his feet, but groggy & who knows what is keeping him up as EVA NOTTY ( with her back to the commentators ) BOXING LEFT & RIGHT COMBINATION JABS Jay ISO ... one, ....... two, ...... three, .......four, ...... five, ...............six, ....... seven times, then EVA NOTTY BOXING UPPER CUTS Jay uso with so much force he sends him a little off his feet & propelled into the ropes ( left of screen ) where he rebounds & EVA NOTTY without coming to him waited to REBOUND KARATE CLOTHES LINE POWERFUL CHOPS Jay uso with brutal impact & he twisted through the air Jay uso before landing at her feet on the canvass. now stands in sexy stance, as she hurls him on top of Jimmy uso & they are stacked up together. EVA NOTTY allows Jimmy ISO come to her as EVA NOTTY standing on the chest of Jay uso with her high heels LEFT & RIGHT BOXING JABS Jimmy uso .... one, ....... two, .....three, .......... four, ........ five, .......six, ....... seven, ............ eight, ................... nine times as EVA NOTTY back peddles Jimmy uso further & further from where he came at her all groggy & practically ready to fall down, as EVA NOTTY BOXING UPPER CUTS Jimmy uso with so much sex appeal & impact it sent Jimmy uso ( from near the ropes 1/4 away to against the ropes & the now is held up by the ropes right of screen ) as EVA NOTTY allows him to try to come around, as he is out on his feet & EVA NOTTY scopes up JIMMY USO to drape him over her left shoulder & then walk, actually stroll from the ropes ( right of screen ) towards Jay uso near the opposite ropes ( left of screen taking .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six seconds to reach him ) then POWERBOMBS Jimmy uso on top of Jay uso & they both lie on their backs looking up from stars circling their eyes, their conqueror whom places a sexy leg on them stacked up & the referee counts .... one, .... two, .... three count, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER. As EVA NOTTY walks about the ring as she greets her fans with waves as they respond to her.



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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration


Introductions the following match is a one on one match, introducing first 


Introducing her opponent making his way to the ring 


Thus far tonight it has been a horrible night for the superstars of  EWF WRESTLING FEDERATION the likes of THE BAR, The usos, JOHN CENA , DEAN AMBROS ,shinske NAKAMURA & Evolution have all fallen to divas.

AUDREY BITONI attacks Drew McIntyre in his corner ( bottom right of screen ) & AUDREY BITONI CORNER CLOTHES LINES the bigger, stronger more powerful opponent as she has shaken Drew McIntyre who is getting up groggy & AUDREY BITONI hands on hips ( in the middle of the ring with her back to titantron ) RUNNING CORNER DROP KICKS Drew McIntyre to his chest to leave him in the corner held up on his feet ( bottom right of screen ). AUDREY BITONI waits as Drew McIntyre gets up as AUDREY BITONI flicks her hair then strolls towards him with sexy purpose as  AUDREY BITONI KARATE LEFT & RIGHT PUNCHES Drew McIntyre to his midriff & chest as Drew McIntyre is trapped in the corner ( bottom right of screen corner ) & AUDREY BITONI  delivers ...... one, ....... two, ......... three, ................. four, ............................. five, .... six blows in a rowAUDREY BITONI allows Drew McIntyre to stagger way from the corner was holding onto the ropes ( bottom left of screen, making his way side on directly in line with the commentators & facing the top right of screen corner ) AUDREY BITONI from behind RUNNING GERMAN SUPLEX RELEASES Drew McIntyre with high elevation & he lands on his back in the middle of the ring & he is winded & hurting too. AUDREY BITONI taking her time pulls Drew McIntyre to his feet ( taking .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five seconds to do so ).

AUDREY BITONI ( with her back to the titantorn ) POWER PRESS HOISTS Drew McIntyre as she asks him " DREW baby do you plan on fighting me or do you want me to destroy you " as AUDREY BITONI walks over the ropes ( showing off her body with her back directly in line with the main camera ) & AUDREY BITONI reaches the ropes to MILITARY PRESS SLAM Drew McIntyre all the way to the floor on the outside as he comes to the rest against the hoardings on the outside ( far side of the ring AUDREY BITONI walks towards the main camera adjusting her Heels as she tugs on them , the shows off her breasts as she leans forward to do so ( as the main camera zoomed in then zoomed out ).  Drew McIntyre has a count going on him from the referee, as AUDREY BITONI heads to the top turnbuckle pad ( top right of screen corner ) as Drew McIntyre gets to his feet but is staggering all over the place on the outside ( near the top right of screen corner on the outside ) as AUDREY BITONI FLYING SPEARS TACKLES Drew McIntyre as she tackles him she drove him through the barriers & smashed the hoardings up at ringside ( in line with the to right of screen corner ) as Drew McIntyre is lying on the hoardings that acted as a security barrier, but not any more. AUDREY BITONIended up on top of Drew McIntyre as he lies hurt AUDREY BITONI continues on her warpath as she pulls up Drew McIntyre to ram him back into the ring under the bottom rope ( near the to right of screen corner, far side of the ring ).

AUDREY BITONI watching Drew McIntyre rolling on the canvass, as AUDREY BITONI  heads for the steps as she climbs the steps as she enters the ring Drew McIntyregets up to his feet ( taking him .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight seconds ) & then AUDREY BITONI 
SUPER KICKS Drew McIntyre to the face he is down on one knee & AUDREY BITONI comes off the ropes ( left of screen ) to RUNNING HIGH HEELS a kneeling Drew McIntyre to his face & almost takes his head off, even though she leaves him on his back in a terrible way. AUDREY BITONI pulls up Drew McIntyre to drape him on her shoulders to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER into a PIN ( as she had her back to the bottom left of screen corner ). AUDREY BITONI pulls up Drew McIntyre who is being battered as AUDREY BITONI hoists Drew McIntyre in the air & AUDREY BITONI BENCH PRESSES Drew McIntyre above her head ( as she faces the the main camera ) & then AUDREY BITONI 
[img]    [Image: tumblr_oi8p28TCjP1s05wxzo1_400.gif]          [/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img]JUMPING INVERTED TOMBSTONES PILEDRIVER Drew McIntyre as she assumes the position of SEXY DARKNESS PIN squatting reverse pin him .... one, .... two, .... three count, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER.


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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration

I'm here with HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION SUNNY LEONE who is moments away from facing BRAWN STRAWMAN a man she dominated at the Battle of the Sexes Mania ppv. 

you know Mean Gene, most men would know when to quit, BRAWN STRAWMAN doesn't I expect him to be as determined as ever I know, I managed him.

You have become a worthy champion since beating SUPERSTARS & you haven't looked back, now you face BRAWN STRAWMAN & in shoe heels, you serious.

Mean Gene, I am the perfect woman & I will defeat the perfect wrestler, in these heels or not, come match time, I will defeat & crush THE MONSTER again & it will become FEMALE MONSTER. I'm done talking I will beat you BRAWN & you can preach all you want about saying your prays, talking your vitemens, it will do you no good. 

Hold on SUNNY LEONE you are on cover of every woman's magazine & you have companies throwing their money at you to sponsor their products, you drive a Ferrari you live a life of luxury, why wrestling, why risk you body against animals.

i know I am worshiped around the world & reality so because I am SUNNY LEONE & I am all woman, but I need a challenge & when I hear men beg me to release them I love it, I will make sure they remember the time they stepped in the ring with me for the rest of their lives.


Introductions the following is a 1-1 match for the http://s3.amazonaws.com/readers/2011...ld3crop2_1.jpHeavyweight Championship

Introducing first the challenger 


Introducing his opponent making her way to the ring She is the world heavyweight champion 


BRAWN STRAWMAN  fired up as he faces SUNNY LEONE whom is moving about the ring ready to grapple with BRAWN STRAWMAN SUNNY LEONE (with her back to the top right of screen corner ) locks up to BRAWN STRAWMAN  as they grapple for the upper hand where BRAWN STRAWMAN  easily forces SUNNY LEONE to the ropes ( right of screen ) very, very easily. BRAWN STRAWMAN  lets up as he towers of SUNNY LEONEBRAWN STRAWMAN  flexing his muscles SUNNY LEONE whom giggles at him because of it & it only infuriates BRAWN STRAWMAN SUNNY LEONE moving about the ring ( with her back to the main camera ) S.O.S show of strength locks up to BRAWN STRAWMAN  as SUNNY LEONE presses her body against BRAWN STRAWMAN  whose biceps tremble as he tries to enforce his will upon SUNNY LEONE & they grapple ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... five, .... six, .... seven, ... eight, .... nine, .... ten, .... eleven seconds ) & SUNNY LEONE beginning to fade under the power of BRAWN STRAWMAN  whom stands over her as she sinks to her knees. SUNNY LEONE shaking all over as he fills empowered by his early show of strength, but his expression changes as he sees SUNNY LEONE rise easily off her knees & now begin to bend the wrists of BRAWN STRAWMAN  as she is forcing BRAWN STRAWMAN  in the grapple to bend to one side as SUNNY LEONE gets a EYE GAUGE from BRAWN STRAWMAN  whom could sense SUNNY LEONE was about to show him she wasn't scared of BRAWN STRAWMAN SUNNY LEONE gets a ATOMIC KNEE DROP from Hulk Hogan ( as SUNNY LEONE faced the commentators ) & because she was near the ropes SUNNY LEONE ends up scrambling towards the ropes ( near the top right of screen ropes ) & SUNNY LEONE SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOWS BRAWN STRAWMAN  following up to his face & he is forced to retreat holding his nose. SUNNY LEONE not wanting to give him the space as SUNNY LEONE  scopes up BRAWN STRAWMAN  & SUNNY LEONE ( with her back near the top right of screen corner ) BIG BODY SLAMS BRAWN STRAWMAN  to the canvass as he is looks up concerned that SUNNY LEONE means business again this time.

SUNNY LEONE motions to BRAWN STRAWMAN  get up, he gets up Hogan doesn't need to be asked twice, as SUNNY LEONE HIP TOSSES BRAWN STRAWMAN  to the canvass who pops up to his feet near the corner (top right of screen ) as SUNNY LEONE CORNER CLOTHES LINES BRAWN STRAWMAN  as SUNNY LEONE takes her time pulling her arm away from BRAWN STRAWMAN  throat ( .... one, .... two, .... three, .. seconds ) & BRAWN STRAWMAN  staggers out of the corner. SUNNY LEONE from behind RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS BRAWN STRAWMAN  immediately grabs the ropes ( top rope, near the top right of screen corner ), BRAWN STRAWMAN  instead backs SUNNY LEONE using his sheer size into the corner ( top right of screen corner ) where BRAWN STRAWMAN  ordered to allow SUNNY LEONE  from the corner pretends he is trying, but his not trying hard enough, as BRAWN STRAWMAN  motions to the referee, ok I'll break only for BRAWN STRAWMAN to deliver BACK ELBOW to the throat & chest area of SUNNY LEONE trapped in the corner ( top right of screen corner ) .... one, ..................... two, .............................. three timesBRAWN STRAWMAN  walks away as he smirks with glee, SUNNY LEONE feeling her face as BRAWN STRAWMAN  RUNNING CORNER CLOTHES LINES into a RAISED KNEE by SUNNY LEONE to the face of BRAWN STRAWMAN  whom turns around & staggers away towards the middle of the ring as SUNNY LEONE CHEERLEADER SPRINGBOARD into a SINGLE ARM BULLDOG FACE BUSTER to the canvass ( from the middle of the ring to near the corner bottom left of screen corner ). 

SUNNY LEONE gets up as the fans respond to her, as BRAWN STRAWMAN  uses the ropes to get up as SUNNY LEONE POWERFUL CORNER WHIPS BRAWN STRAWMAN  from one corner ( bottom left of screen corner ) to another ( top right of screen corner ) & BRAWN STRAWMAN  rebounds off the corner due to the impact & falls to the canvass as SUNNY LEONE strolls seductively towards him as the fans are chanting her name. SUNNY LEONE pulls BRAWN STRAWMAN  up to his feet & SUNNY LEONE BIG SHOVES

 BRAWN STRAWMAN  airborne against the corner ( top right of screen ) & as BRAWN STRAWMAN  staggers from the corner ( top right of screen corner SUNNY LEONE ( with her back to the commentators ) TORTURE RACKS BRAWN STRAWMAN  whim grabs the ropes to save himself & it forces SUNNY LEONE to release him to her annoyance. SUNNY LEONE had to release BRAWN STRAWMAN  whom is not happy, as SUNNY LEONE comes in BRAWN STRAWMAN  ( resting against the ropes, top right of screen ropes, near the top right of screen corner ) as BRAWN STRAWMAN  FOREARM CLUBS SUNNY LEONE after EYE GAUGING her ... once, .... twice, as Hogan has SUNNY LEONE on the ropes ( far side of the ring ) & uses those ropes to SNAKE EYES SUNNY LEONE whose head snaps back violently. BRAWN STRAWMAN  taking his time to pull up SUNNY LEONE to irish Whip her to the ropes ( from near the top right of screen, far side of the ring to bottom right of screen near the bottom right of screen corner ) & SUNNY LEONE returns to RUNNING SHOULDER BLOCK back peddle BRAWN STRAWMAN  whom can't comprehend that happened to him. SUNNY LEONE with momentum comes off the ropes ( right of screen ) & SUNNY LEONE POWERFUL CLOTHES LINES BRAWN STRAWMAN  to drop him to the canvass as he feels across his jaw the impact of that blow. 

SUNNY LEONE waits as BRAWN STRAWMAN  gets up & when he does SUNNY LEONE ( with her back to the far bottom left of screen corner ) RAPID FURY RIGHTS BRAWN STRAWMAN  on the ropes ( far side of the ring ) & BRAWN STRAWMAN  appears as if he will topple over down to the floor outside, as SUNNY LEONE RAPID FURY RIGHTS BRAWN STRAWMAN  ... one, ........ two, ..... three, ............ four, ............. five, ................. six, ........................... seven, ...... eight timesSUNNY LEONE pulls BRAWN STRAWMAN  away from the ropes & SUNNY LEONE ( with her back to the bottom right of screen corner ) scopes up BRAWN STRAWMAN  & pauses with BRAWN STRAWMAN  slang over her right shoulder & SUNNY LEONE ( from the bottom right of screen corner to near the top left of screen corner ) RUNNING POWERSLAMS BRAWN STRAWMAN  whom is winded badly, as SUNNY LEONE gets up to the fans on their feet cheering on the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION SUNNY LEONE SUNNY LEONE pulls yup BRAWN STRAWMAN to STANDING BEAR HUG BRAWN STRAWMAN  off his feet & draped over her right shoulder ( with her back to the titantron ). BRAWN STRAWMAN  screaming in agony as SUNNY LEONE makes BRAWN STRAWMAN  fight his wrestling survival & humiliation. SUNNY LEONE dumps BRAWN STRAWMAN  to the canvass, who is on all fours & beginning to stiffen up, as the fans know what is about to take place. BRAWN STRAWMAN  is pulled up to his feet & SUNNY LEONE Irish Whips BRAWN STRAWMAN  to the ropes ( from left to right of screen ) as he BRAWN STRAWMAN  returns SUNNY LEONE gets a RUNNING ELBOW SHOT to her face that rocks her as BRAWN STRAWMAN  waits motioning to the fans it;s coming as BRAWN STRAWMAN  off the ropes ( main camera ) RUNNING BIG BOOTS SUNNY LEONE & knocks her off her feet to the canvass. SUNNY LEONE pulls up by BRAUN STRAWMAN DRAP ON HIS SHOULD AND POWERSLAM PIN . SUNNY LEONE he hooks her leg for the pin fall .... one, .... two, ... count, as SUNNY LEONE KICKS OUT! &SUNNY LEONE is fired up with the adrenalin coursing through her veins. 

SUNNY LEONE is up as BRAWN STRAWMAN  couldn't believe it as BRAWN STRAWMAN  RAPID FURY RIGHTS SUNNY LEONE ( whom has her back against the ropes far side of the ring ) no effect, as BRAWN STRAWMAN  strikes SUNNY LEONE with a THUNDEROUS FURY RIGHT no effect as SUNNY LEONE smiles at BRAWN STRAWMAN  whom tries a third FURY RIGHT as SUNNY LEONE grabs the arm to KARATE CLOTHES LINE CHOPS BRAWN STRAWMAN  across his chest to twist him through the air & he lands on the canvass. SUNNY LEONE comes for BRAWN STRAWMAN  as she places his head between her thighs & SUNNY LEONE ( with her back to the titantron ) STANDING HEADLOCKS a kneelingBRAWN STRAWMAN  whom is trying with all is power to pull her legs apart, but no way. SUNNY LEONE tells BRAWN STRAWMAN  " I can crush you with my thighs, but I won't I will play with you like my love toy & then finish you off " as SUNNY LEONE releases the hold as BRAWN STRAWMAN  holds her feet pleading " No more ",as SUNNY LEONE pulls up BRAWN STRAWMAN  to ONE HANDED CHOKE LIFT BRAWN STRAWMAN  & SUNNY LEONE ( with her back to the bottom left of screen corner ) holds him for .... one, .... two, .... three, ..... four seconds ) before Miss SUNNY LEONE CHOKESLAMS BRAWN STRAWMAN  to the canvass rendering him in agony. 

SUNNY LEONE pulls up BRAWN STRAWMAN  to place him in a TORTURE RACK as SUNNY LEONE casually walks about the ring in her Black Lingerie outfit & easily withstands any shivering or shaking or trembling by BRAWN STRAWMAN  ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight, .... nine, .... ten seconds ) & SUNNY LEONE MULTIPLE POWERFUL BACK BREAKS BRAWN STRAWMAN  ( as she has her back to the main camera ) ..... once, ................... twice, ........... third, ................ fourth & then converts the MULTIPLE POWERFUL BACK BREAKS into a MILITARY PRESS DUMP as BRAWN STRAWMAN  bounces upon impact with the canvass. SUNNY LEONE squats down over BRAWN STRAWMAN  after she flicks her hair then pats it before SUNNY LEONE ( side on to the main camera, facing the commentators ) applies a POWERFUL CAMEL CLUTCH on BRAWN STRAWMAN  as SUNNY LEONE tells BRAWN STRAWMAN  " Beg BRAUN, beg me to stop torturing you, i want to hear you plead for mercy, come on BRAWN where are your MONSTERS now, they belong to me, as I'm superior to you " as BRAWN STRAWMAN  struggles & moans, the fights, but SUNNY LEONE is breaking his ribs by tugging so much on him as BRAWN STRAWMAN  is bellowing in agony, as SUNNY LEONE continues the POWERFUL CAMEL CLUTCH ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, ..... eight, .... nine, .... ten seconds) & BRAWN STRAWMAN  pleads for mercy he screams I give up, not once, ....... not twice, .......... not third time, ............. but fourth time & the referee trying to pull SUNNY LEONE hands away form his face as she reluctantly release STRAWMAN as he submits, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER.

& still


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